questionmarkSo, you’re probably asking yourself… What IS the Southern Food Blogger Retreat? Well, here’s a few things we’re not…

We are NOT like other conferences that have folks crammed into a sterile hotel ballrooms, seated classroom style, listening to endless hours of presentations. Our presenters won’t be talking at you, they’ll be talking with youSpeaking of our speakers…

We’re not going to sit around and tell you about what you’re doing wrong. We’re going to share our experiences with one another so that we all can become better bloggers.  No matter where you are in the path of your food blogging career, we’ve got something for you.  And no, you don’t have to be a Southern food blogger or be from the South to attend, but we’ll have you saying “y’all” by the time you leave.

We don’t all claim to be experts, but we each have something to offer. So while we will have several influential, experienced professionals and bloggers that any conference would be proud to host, these “speakers” won’t be giving speeches, they’ll be leading discussions and answering questions directly from you. There will be ample time for everyone to share and learn from one another.

From how to use your camera in manual mode to how to maximize lighting, you’ll learn a heap during our intensive photography sessions.  Social media?  Yeah, we’ve got that too.  We’ll help you develop a social media strategy to get you growing.  Monetization is huge right now!  From sponsored posts and ad networks to affiliate links and e-books, we’ll help you develop a plan to get you paying the bills.  Trolls.  We’ve all got them.  We’ll explore some best practices for dealing with them.  Need help with the business side of blogging?  Our expert will help you with everything from incorporation and LLCs to accounting.  Finally, let us help you develop and set some goals for yourself and your blog.

What others are saying…


“Best blogging conference I have attended!”

“I loved the conference. I especially loved the size of the group. It allowed everyone to participate and not be cliquey. I learned something from every session. It was great!”

“Loved everything about the retreat. Very well put together. Loved the laid back feel and general friendliness of everyone. Made lasting friendships and learned a great deal. I traveled a great distance and would do so again in a heartbeat if you have again. Highly recommend to any blogger. I could never say enough about the retreat. Awesome experience!”

“My experience was absolutely a dream of a lifetime.”

“I really enjoyed this retreat and would definitely come back again or recommend it to other bloggers!”